Connect to a Different Active Directory Domain with PowerShell

PowerShell will automatically create a PSDrive for the Active Directory domain that the client is a member of. An additional PSDrive can be created for a different domain in another forest.

First, make sure that the Active Directory PowerShell module is loaded.

import-module activedirectory

Now you can create the connection with the New-PSDrive commandlet.

New-PSDrive `
    –Name <PSDrive-Name> `
    –PSProvider ActiveDirectory `
    –Server "<Domain-Controller>" `
    –Credential (Get-Credential "<User-Name>") `
    –Root "//RootDSE/" `
    -Scope Global

The new PSDrive can be used in several ways. Lets say that you have a test AD forest that you want to manage with PowerShell from a host joined to your production AD forest. The test forest has a domain controller named “” that is providing the AD web service. The following command will create a PSDrive named “TEST” that will be connected to the “” domain.

If you’re going to run this cmd-let from a script you will have to make sure that you include the “-Scope Global” switch. Otherwise the PSDrive will be created within the scope of the script and will not be available to you in the shell.

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