Beacon Attack Script

Using MDK3 to create a bunch of fake wireless networks is a neat party trick. This bash script will create a text file with a list of network names, defined in a the “networks” array, if it doesn’t already exist.

Then the script will configure the interface by putting it in monitor mode. Finally the script will fire off MDK3 using the text file created earlier. Continue reading “Beacon Attack Script”

PowerShell to Email Web Content

I wanted a script that would email me the daily links that are posted on a web site for a radio show I listen to. This script will need some rewriting for other sites, but it does what I want it to do.

$Page = ""
$Div_Class = "main_content"

$Site = Invoke-WebRequest $Page -UseBasicParsing
$Body = $Site | Select-String -Pattern '(?s)<div class="main_content">.*?</div>' | % {$_.matches} | % {$_.Value} 

Send-MailMessage `
    -to from@domain.tld `
    -subject "Daily Links" `
    -from to@domain.tld `
    -body $Body `
    -smtpserver smtp.domain.tld `

Continue reading “PowerShell to Email Web Content”