FIM/MIM MA Pending Export Report

This will show what export operations are pending on all of your management agents. It was adapted from a script I found in the FIM Script Box that would show the pending exports for a single MA. Instead, this script queries the Sync Service for all of the management agents and displays the pending exports for all of them.

$MAs = $(Get-WmiObject -class "MIIS_ManagementAgent" -namespace "root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer"` -computername "." ).name

foreach ($MA in $MAs)
    $MA = @(get-wmiobject -class "MIIS_ManagementAgent" -namespace "root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer"`
                          -computername "." -filter "Name='$ma'") 
    if($MA.count -eq 0) {throw "MA not found"}

    $Rpt+=New-Object PSObject -Property @{
$Rpt | Sort name | ft Name,Add,Update,Delete -AutoSize

MIM 2016 Metaverse Cleanup by Deleting CS

Cleaning up poorly constructed joins in Microsoft Identity Manager by cleaning out the FIMMA and ADMA connector spaces with the following steps:

1 – Disable “Synchronization Rule Provisioning” in the Synchronization Management tool
2 – Disable the Metaverse object deletion rule
3 – Delete the ADMA connector space
4 – Delete the FIMMA connector space
5 – Perform a Delta synchronize on each management agent to process disconnectors clean those objects from the the metaverse
6 – Run a Full Import on the ADMA and FIMMA
7 – Run a Full synchronization on FIMMA first to project objects into the metaverse
8 – RUn a Full synchronization on the ADMA so that the objects in the ADMA CS join objects in the MV
9 – Re-enable “Synchronization Rule Provisioning” in the Synchronization Management tool
10 – Run Full synchronization and Export on both the AD and FIM management agents
11 – Recreate the object deletion rule