Working with DirSync for Replicating Office 365

Force DirSync Replication

  • On the computer that is running the Directory Synchronization tool, navigate to the directory synchronization installation folder, %programfiles%\Microsoft Online Directory Sync, and then run DirSyncConfigShell.psc1 to open a Windows PowerShell window.
  • In the Windows PowerShell window, type Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync, and then press Enter. Continue reading “Working with DirSync for Replicating Office 365”

Configure PowerShell to Manage Office 365

To start a PowerShell session:
  • Run c:\program files\microsoft online directory sync\dirsyncconfigshell.psc1,
  • To use an existing PowerShell session load the Directory Synchronization snapin:
    • Add-PSSnapin Coexistence-Configuration
  • Import the Microsoft Online Services Module
    • Import-Module MSOnline

These commands can be added to the PowerShell Profile so that they run automatically: