There are great benefits to closely monitoring your Active Directory domain controllers. Here are some lists of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Microsoft TechNet:


Network Steve Forum:

Looking at the suggestion in the Network Steve post one suggestion is using several CLI tools to create a report.

dcdiag /v /c /d /e /s:dcname >c:\dcdiag.txt
netdiag /v >c:\netdiag.txt
repadmin /showrepl * /verbose /all /intersite >c:\repl.tx
dnslint /ad /s "DCipaddress"
Download DNSLINT:

Expect to see some errors using DCDIAG in certain situations: DCDIAG.EXE /E or /A or /C expected errors (MS Support)

What does DCDIAG actually… do? (Ask the AD Guys Blog)

You will notice that REPLMON is no longer available in Windows Server 2008 R2.

Ask the Directory Services Team Blog:

NETDIAG is also no longer supported, but DCDIAG should give you all the information and ability that you need.